The Annual Cleanse of the Goblin Tribes is imminent. Soon a few hundred raw recruits and peasants from the Kingdom of Altwed will descend on the small villages of goblins, orcs, and hobgoblins that line the foothills of the Vile Mountains. There they will exterminate as many of the sub-humans as they can before their supplies run out. Then, their service to their country completed, they will return to their peaceful villages and farms, knowing they are safe from the evil at the foot of the mountains.

This Annual Cleanse will be different. The goblins have found a god with the strength to protect them. A god made from the same stuff as them: iron, violence, and blood. Gorum.

Gorum has seen too much of the Annual Cleanse. He is tired of seeing his people slain. He is tired of the lakes of goblin blood. He knows his followers must rise up. So, he has given them the ability, the knowledge, and the power. There is only one thing Gorum wishes in return.

Gorum wants human blood.

The End of Man

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