The End of Man

First Blood: Part 1

First raid into human lands

With two weeks until the annual cleansing of the goblin tribes, a few strong hobgoblins gather in the foothills of the vile mountains. Their backgrounds differ, but their goal is singular; retribution. These four are Aurok, Grakk, Oktar, and Torung.

The quest begins with Oktar sending Ophelia, his herald, out to treat with the nearby clans, and judge their strength. While she does so, the rest head out to begin prodding the human borders for weakness. Grakk scouted ahead and became violently ill upon eating a raw chicken. Once the party surrounded the outpost, the bloodshed commenced. Notable moments include Grakk’s bowstring exploding upon his first attempt to fire an arrow. With the battle nearly won, Grakk fled, while Torung and Aurok attempted to save the ale from burning within the tavern. Several souls were absorbed by Oktar.



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